Collection: Sea Glass

Bring the beauty of the ocean to your knitting and crochet projects with Sea Glass, our custom-dyed merino yarn in shades of blues and greens with sprinkles. This yarn is inspired by the smooth and weathered pieces of glass that wash up on the shore.

Each skein of Sea Glass is hand-dyed with care using high-quality dyes and sprinkles to create a unique and eye-catching colorway. The soft and plush texture of this yarn is perfect for a variety of projects, from cozy blankets and scarves to elegant sweaters and shawls.

The combination of blues and greens in this yarn creates a tranquil and calming palette that will remind you of the soothing sound of ocean waves. The sprinkles add a playful touch and make this yarn perfect for fun and creative projects.

With its 100% merino wool, Sea Glass is not only beautiful but practical too. It's warm, cozy, and suitable for a wide range of temperatures, making it perfect for all seasons.