Collection: 24K Magic

*Put your pinky rings up to the moon!* Elevate your knitting and crochet projects with the luxurious allure of 24K Magic, our custom-dyed super bulky merino wool yarn. This exquisite yarn showcases a mesmerizing blend of rich gold and brown tones, reminiscent of glistening treasures and warm autumn hues.

Crafted with utmost care and attention, each skein of 24K Magic is hand-dyed to perfection using premium dyes that create deep, rich colors. The thick and cozy texture of this super bulky yarn adds instant warmth and comfort to your creations, making it ideal for quick and satisfying projects such as chunky scarves, hats, and cozy blankets.

The lustrous sheen of the merino wool fibers enhances the elegance of 24K Magic, adding a touch of sophistication to your finished pieces. Experience the pleasure of working with this sumptuous yarn as it glides effortlessly through your fingers, creating stitches with remarkable definition.



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